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Partner Sponsorship Opportunities 

We are working on a number of products that are being designed to ad flavor to business branding strategies while being effective publicity partner sponsorship opportunities. 

These projects are being combined wit web domains and creative apps to satisfy the worlds thirst for connectivity of product and are also satisfying to old wold creative arts as we try to keep things original and also provide real success for your business by actually getting publicity through our ideas that help to sell products and make small business money.

Web Banner

Web banner ads are a very curious subject and cover a broad range of ideas and there are several big server clouds we all know about.  Small banner ad companies work better because you can get real exposure not just a funneling of web traffic that sucks you dry with no real response for traditional business publicity.

Exchange Server

We have sights and we are placing ads on them and they don' t just get sucked dry, they ads are time based as apposed to click based and reasonably priced - similar to old school ads and you don't need a degree in computer science to set them up - just contact us.

Special and Community Events

Community events are a lot of fun and get people involved wit community activities in numbers. Need I say more?   We are continually building packages that embrace the community spirit and are great for advertising.

Combination Strategies

Diversity is key when marketing your products.  Services especially are not just boxed and shipped through the internet as such there are more to the business dynamics including having community awareness at the right times.  Build your brand with strategies that aren't just redundant text or banner ads.


I sell booths and festivals and community parties this is great to get out and get brand awareness and make some money.   People like to change things up and get out.  We can also help you create that secure online vendor booth that is then likable to your food booth or truck or restaurant ready.

On line opportunities

We contribute to an ethical internet and are happy to build good product and service communications media with you and we are happy to be the vehicle for your product awareness through truthful honest click through campaigns and new branding.

Hosted Stories

Hosted stories use people to tell honest stories about great products and services, we love honesty and help you make sales simply by telling the truth about your passions and journey.

Contact us for more information!