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Agent Policy Agreement 

An agent is some one who works as or is a third or outside business doing part or whole projects as a worker or service person or managment or dancer or actor or other faculty of creative media, productions and great parties or web sites and marketing productions.

We strive to keep all our actions above the law and even in research commit to quality and class.

You must becarefull young models when you are doing acting and talent and even in different areas we might not be sure about live shows and such be cauteous that you except money for time spent as aposed to lude behaviour where you may constitute prostituion, we do not condon prostitution exceptionally pressured or forced work but try to remain clear and tranparent.

Any acting or marketing ideas we create we attempt to be in line with the laws of the land and also provide a safe community where different areas such as film designations are clearly market and no minors are able to get to areas where adult over over 19 years of age or legal drinking age or any minor designation - thus kids don't do what adults are by law allowed to do.

Please keep your self above the law and do not get into any under age nudity or sex or sex sales that would constitute prostitution or child protection laws and we make clear of adult designations including where we might find ok by religion things that are controversial.

At the same time when you are working for us, we do provide opportunities and ideas and work towards those goals per job, some times we have goals that are met by hitting controversio mile stones such as in the modeling where from one person to the next the model is doing things tastfully but if you are doing nudes and are keeping clean hygene and brushing your teeth and keeping your toe nails cut and looking right and smelling right then you are doing your best, as such same with sex scenes - and we leave the depth of acting in real life scenes to be considered and judged by each model and actor when those types of projects come up.

Desputes and despute resolutions

We do not engage with any act that does not conform to civil acts and when in our days dealing with the public in any area do our best to treat people with concern and compasion and make exits when the unreasonable arrises.