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Welcome to! is a full-service promotions & public relations web site!

We have been helping companies and special events succeed in Canada since 2003!

Find us well priced for business success!  As well we will help you take your business to the next level.

We do;

We research the market, and give you an edge of a professional agent on your successes side! 

Let us help plan, and undertake marketing campaigns for your new product launches and for promoting your products and services that are already on the market!

We develop unique brand identity for your company by creating logos, brand names, slogans, events and other creative media to get you known!

We write great media content that is up to the minute and factual about anything; press releases, web pages, blogs, on line back links, off line new print, articles, brochures, white papers

We plan, create, and execute complete advertising campaigns across all media, from newspapers and television to billboards and the Internet and have great association in key target areas and know when and where to pull the trigger for success!

We develop and create amazing websites that don't just look good, but are dynamic and exsersice the un seen art of White Hat programming and true search engine optimization for organic web site and natural web traffic!

We built and promote and partner with great events!   Part of that is the preparation of; press releases, newsletters, promotional materials, publishing blogs/web and social media sites, work with celebrities and sports figures and create promotional opportunities your business can be apart of through us!

A successful company has its own logo, letter head and web site, with its own stand alone business domain period!  Anything else thing else like piggy back or social media based is just un professional plain and simple!  People just won't take you serious unless you are your own entity and show some investment dollars!  That is the bottom line!  Any thing else is just plain low end! Get the respect you deserve from your suppliers, customers and partners by saying "We are for real!" With your own logo ad web domain and site presence!

  • Real world store & commercial construction services Event Signage

    I love business and build great stores and love food!  Address your real life fecility design and construction needs with us on board!  My services being me Mr. E have bee doing integrated construction for; bars, night clubs, sound and staging, malls and theaters since 2003!  We/I bring much to the table and can work with great ideas and help bring investment options to the table for any good and viable plan!
  • Web builder and web developer services

We build web site and develop custom web apps

Take a look at the examples of our clients web sites and our advertising work here.

Check out The Craftsman's Listings, a free web listing site that gets indexed by the search spiders giving you free ads to your services and products!