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Public Relations Specialist

My name is Erik Parti, must I say more?  You can call me Mr.E !

Start some where

 The worst thing is dreaming to much- some times you gotta get out of bed early, with me and my insomnia, hey I am writing this at 3:56 am - ya I am doing something!  Stop dreaming get moving! Set aside $100.00 a week for a year, buy some product and give me a call!

Have a business plan

 Ok - here some people are way past this when they come to me- they definitely are if they say "Erik I am ready to drop half a million bucks right before Canada day and get some provincial wide sales!"

Others are just getting out of bed so to speak regarding starting a business!

Then there are the others that have plateaued and are ready to expand and want some capital funding, really its good to have a plan if you are just looking for your fist $10 000.00 in sales or are turning the corner to go from millions to billions in yearly revenue!

Get professional Logo and Letter Head First

 Lets start with the very basics to tell people you are a pro and in business!

Get a slogan

A jingle is great!  Know who you are and what you are offering! If you can sing about your products you ready to sell them, that is for-sure!


Create a good old school web site - get professional domain on a server you can trust

Here is another spot - we have many things that make a good web site and its not just some random email from a generic big server cloud free email with someone you have never known contacting you promising to get your site on the first page of google!  Waite that is what I get alot cause my sites are getting pretty good.  I have a good visual flow, I am organizing and correctly linking my self to realivant content and then talking factually about real experience.   As well I have my scripts set up with those other behind the scenes tricks so I am interesting to serfers and the bots like my sites thus I have a fan club of people who are finding my site and then either just contacting me out of the blue or there spiders are finding my great sites that are coming up at the top of google and other organic search results and then they are promising me what I am promising you right here lol


A domain and web script plugged in to make the search bots happy is the right place for any business strategy "done right" to start!

I host web sites right here and use old school hard wiring to make sure you getting the most for your money by effectively clinching your rightful organic searches before we even talk about click through or other money sucking strategies!


Go big if you can

I am setting up to use on line payment gateways that will also give you immediate access to credit options but I really like good old school smart and patient strategies so even though ya, in business I want to take you money!  At the same time I don't want you to loose, so don't even spend nothin to you thought about your doing - but if you are ready and want do go Big doit if you can!


My favorite

I have really enjoyed group activities over the years they are great and I am hoping we can get to 100% vaccinated on Earth in 2022 so we can hit herd immunity against covid!  One promotion I am doing is a private study into the vaccines to see how good they really are for the hesitant and the skeptic vaccers!

Strategic planning interlaced for dynamic business strategies is bla bla bla just to say spice it up!  No one thing will work all the time so just get your name out there - off course people love the digital world but there are draw backs to on line ads like competition killing click mongering, thus its good to have a multi faceted promotion plan for your business.

 I like to dive in and use different spectrum of opportunities to get my trade names out into the world.

Mix it up

My personal favorite way of marketing my self is event sponsorship and sports sponsorship.  But opening business plans don't always have the budget available to just jump out and subscribe to the sponsoring of major professional promotions and events.  And with this very fast world you got to do what you got to do, and that means dig in, don't hesitate -  come talk to me. 

For most people out there the hardest thing going is talking about themselves and staying focused, a third party business expert is your best partner for product development and as long as I am getting product sales - I can make comments to you regarding my thoughts and a long term game plan that comes from many years in business strategies including getting lots of men and woman and companies right to the top, starting at the bottom and some starting in the middle of success before they engage with myself and partnering media and promotions.

Some just get what they need an gone - then back in a few years!


Contact us for more information!