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Happy Easter Weekend Canada

– its a great time to be alive! Man kind being stricken by the cups of the horsemen of the bible (Wholly Bible Prophecy for those un familiar with the Chistean Bible!)! We have 2 million Canadians dying of Cancer, we have many COVID variants killing millions globally and heavy lock downs in Canada to help keep our health care services from being to over, over worked – cause they are over worked!


Why do I say its a great time! Because Jesus in us, through us – can deal with this and we can come out greater and better! Do your part this Easter and forget about the candy bunnies – put them 3, Jesus first and your family and neighbors 2!


Look at the world with clarity ad remember what is important! We never had these trials when I was growing up and I miss the days my Mom and dad to

Easter Bunny FunEaster Bunny Fun

ok me to school things where so simple and easy and good! NOT TODAY!


We need Jesus more then ever in him we can beat all this! The problems we are facing come from sin as the bible, it is written death is payment for sin! What sin is in your life? Family neglect? Greed? Addictions? Anger?


I believe the cancer is coming from the greed of the big telecommunications companies as they push the easy money of the cell phone and wireless industry with out pushing the deadly effects of cell phones and wifi devices inn the marketing similarly to smoking and asbestos in the early days!


We are at the same timeline, 30 years in – its not we will see the big death portion roll out before the governments are forced to act, right now similarity to cigarettes ad asbestos the governments people are investing in the companies so its going to go till may of us die! I am strong enough as a builder – its the same thing to build a mall, its daunting and even the big top guys can’t even imagine a life with out cell and wifi but just like the daunting task of putting a tile floor in a mall – it all starts with one tile – I am that tile and don’t carry a cell phone any more! Now I got more time for Jesus!


Steve Job died of cancer – my dad died of cancer and so did my Uncle Johnny O! I don’t think steve jobs was that cool he ushered in the years of cancer, but my Dad and Uncle well they were the best and new how to have a good time – for all the apple phones in the world – I would trade them for more time with Steve Parti my Dad and Uncle John Ondrasic those two knew how to have a good time! Life was good and we where safe! Today for kids I don’t believe we are safe, who cares about threats of war, when 2 out of every 36 Canadians are dying of cancer as of the date of 03 April 2021, and then covid! Like O my God people we don’t know how to live any more! We need JESUS!


I don’t want to be like that so this year I am being more simple, I gave up carrying a cell phone! And I am just walking slower just enjoying my days, no stress! God doesn’t want us stressed he loves us! So if you are finding something causing stress in your life get rid of it! Slow down and just embrace Jesus! Thanks and happy Easter bunny eating guys from Erik Parti aka Erik The Craftsman and host of this site!