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Strategic Research and Planning

This is one that huuu, lots changed over the years, but well number are still numbers.   The avenues thought that we have now with intuitive servers and virtual machines that literally have minds of there own, the Big Analytic, wholly crappers they know thats, and the endless choices of watching, listening, and recording capabilities out there! 

You know, I love sitting in by the rivers in the middle of no where doing nothing, just fishing or breathing in relaxation, I can do it and still with the bots plugged in keeping track of every detail of whats up while I am not around.  Keep track, checking stuff out, talking to one another, listening to you, listening to her counting lands on this page, pretty exciting!  I do at the same time love tech.


From there once that information is calculated, easily predictions can be made, plans put forth, objectives realized bingo, bango, bongo! -

30 day plan - 60 day - 2 years - 5 year !  From there we can count dollar bills, think about the bigger picture and again, crack some number and look towards the future for the next big plan!