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Web marketing

has alot of factors - some ever changing!  Many, many the very guts are the same thing as they where in 2006 when I, Mr E  started working around the inter web to build promotional sites and do on line business campaigns.

A good product is most necessary.  You need to know your own business plan so I really recommend to my customers getting a solid business plan.  You need it for everything, financing, board's meeting, investor relations - yourself so you know what you are and where you are going, but even starting a basic web site to retain contacts and give some brochure info needs to reflect your business plan


So lets start there!  Contact me to get the ball rolling and start with a web build objective note to us and we will respond with a game plan for you click here to move forward!

Other web marketing channels;

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • The Gorilla (Free ads and search directory, partner site back links, and such)

  • Ad nets

  • Classified paid ads

  • the power of blog nets

  • the power of referral like links

  • Press releases and that magic market

  • Blogging

  • Big site stuff

  • Big search engine marketing

  • A powerful well built web site