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Marketing tips and tricks - always be marketing!!!


Show dedication through investment and register your domain for the long run proving your success

The search engines work on algorithms!  Algorithms are essentially web rules based on mathamatics and science and good old fashioned facts! 

When you register your domain for the full allotted time period by registrar authorities like .ca you give that algorithm sequence for your domain name the facts that your business is a real business and not just a fly by night!   This will give you better search results and chance that bots, and sites will index you for organic search results!  The other side of this is your web site and domain name being suppressed by billions of other web pages, sites and script entries and pushed to the bottom of search results!

Web Back Linking

Free Directory Classified Ads and integrated script back linking (No web site necessary but really great way to get sales with a powerful web site built & hosted on our servers)

Back linking  is a powerful tool to help you get attention on the web - use Social media and other sites like our Sponsored Hosted Free Classified Ad Sites click here for our newest site to back links to your products and services!

Scripted Classified sites are very powerful especially when free!  Take advantage of them to get the edge on your competition.   Bots still count back links, the greater your back link numbers, the greater the success of your search results!  

Our Classifieds and our partner sites don't need a doctorate in computer science to post we even allow you to put your phone number so you and new customers can be sure that your making the right contacts through the ads!   To start posting your free back link ads click here to try it out!

Its easy just be honest and post accurate information about your products and services!  Don't go over board and just be simple and truth full!  Remember if you don't have a site just use your address, or real business address and/or phone number or email to get a response!

Web Blog and traditional back linking from trade authority, festival or trade show web sites

Every one loves a good trade show - I love Festivals and special events myself.  I make it a point to ad back linking to all my venues!  If I am doing festivals and a vendor buys a real life booth at my event I give back linking in the deal, same with our sponsorships and trade shows and other web site content including press releases.

You can buy these back links, but as well when you get interview by media, or have friends ad your domain name to their face book that is called back linking.   Build that over time.  News media, or collage and university faculty have their own blogs companies provide white papers through their official web sites and as well vendors like Big Box stores when you get really successful will also give back links in some type or fashion!


Diversity is king

Don't just use online resources use a variety of promotions from having business cards ready to go, to having a great powerful web site built right for search engine recognition and also use your free social media and other site links like from our free classifieds and other online

Join Trade Associations

Builder Groups

Do press releases and articles for print and online articles